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Issue #2(16), 2022

Journal Sections:
Bazhenkov Ie. Economic Factors of Education.

Galtsova O.L., Safonov Yu. M., Trokhymets O.I. Development of Intellectual Potential as the Basis of the Country’s Economic Security.

Bilyaze O.S. Development of Production Capabilities of the National Economy under the Influence of Global Factors and Transparency.

Ishcheikin T., Voronina V. Conceptual Basis for Human Resource Management in Innovative Organizations.

Bazhenkov Ie., Berezhna T. Essence and Structural Formation of Living Environment in Educational Institution.

Bazhenkov Ie. Features of the Educational Process in the Conditions of the Emergency in Ukraine.

Safonova I. Paradigm of a Modern Austrian Teacher in the Conditions of Development of Innovative Learning Technologies.

Kitrar V., Kolomoiets H., Rebryna Anatolii, Rebryna Andrii. Studying the Physical and Personal Qualities of Youth in the Conditions of a Healthy Lifestyle.