issn: 2641-9823
Issue #3(4), 2019

Journal Sections:
Uhryn L. National Identity under Conditions of Multiculturalism of Modern Societies.

Safonov Yu. M., Borshch V. I. Strategic Model of Managing Healthcare Facilities.

Berezhna T., Vaschenko O. Analysis of the Results of the Study of Formation of Health-Saving Environment of Institutions of General Secondary Education of Ukraine.

Klokar N., Goncharenko N., Dymenko R. Supervision as a Democratic Component of the New Ukrainian School Management: Basic Principals.

Safonov Yu. M., Mykhailovska O.V. Formation of Modern Directions of Strategic Development of the Publishing and Printing Industry of kraine.

Barna M., Vynogradova O., Drokina N. Inbound Marketing Strategy for Tourism Enterprises.

Sheremet O. Determinants of Strategic Benchmarks of Food Industry Entities in Market Environment.