issn: 2641-9823
Issue #5(6), 2019

Journal Sections:
Shcherbakova O. Development of Positive Thinking of Students of Basic School as a Method for Forming Psychosocial Health.

Berezhna T. Health-Saving Technologiesin Educational Institutions of Ukraine.

Danylenko H, Svetz A. Formation of the Professional Competence of Youth Through Professional Events in the System of Professional-Technical Schools.

Mykhailova I. Psychological Charactiristics of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders of ArtDiagnostics in Children When Choosing Therapeutic Tactics of Intervenrion.

Bagatska N. Features of the Chromosomal Apparatus in Adolescents with Depressive Behavioral Disorders.

Matkovska T. Some Peculiarities in the Mental Health Status of Children with Non-Toxic Diffuse Goiter.