issn: 2641-9823
Issue #1(1), 2018

Journal Sections:
Safonov Yu. M., Borshch V. I. Intellectual Leader and His Role in the Modern Management System.

Sheremet O. Conceptual Approaches to the Formation of Strategic Priorities in the Food Industry.

Bun V. Methodology for the study of electoral choice in transitional societies: the construction of integrative models.

Vdovychyn I. Liberal Idea in the Ukrainian Political Thought of the 20-30s of the Twentieth Century.

Steblianko I.O., Yerak A.V. Influence of Environmental Responsibility of Modern Business on the Economy of a Country.

Markina І., Syomych M., Aksyuk Y. Main Directions of Marketing Activities Improvement of Grain Processing Enterprises in the Conditions of Globalization.

Topuzov O.V., Puzikov D.O. Forecasting of General Secondary Education’s Content Development.

Moskaleva L.Yu., Bohdan Khmelnitsky B. Teachers’ Scientific Research Work as a Basis for Formation of a Tutor Training System in a Higher Educational Institution.

Nazarenko H. Information and Communication Space for the Development of Professional Compenency of Teachers in Pre-Educational Institutions.

Berezhna T, Yezhova O, Biesiedina A. Experience of health schools in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Taranik-Tkachuk K. The narrative model of the English novel of the eighteenth century (based on the work of Henry Fielding «The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling»).

Oleksandrovich M. Yu., Stepanovich G.G. Innovating Direction of Human Capital Management System in the Publisging Industry.