issn: 2641-9823
Issue #4(5), 2019

Journal Sections:
Avdiivska O., Danylenko H., Shcherbakova O. Creating An Enabling Learning Environment in the Conditions of Intensification of Educational Activities.

Sheremet O. Theoretical Aspects of the Methodology of Ensuring and Developing a Competitive Market Strategy in the Food Industry.

Shkurapet N.I. The Role of School Medicine in the Formation of Health-Preserving Educational Environment as the Main Factor Affecting the Health of Modern Schoolchildren.

Danylenko G.N., Mikhanovskaya N.G. Approaches to Diagnostics of Consequences of Home Violence about Children.

Danylenko G.N., Kostenko T.P., Romanova N.G., Turchina S.I. Different Difficult Circumstances and Physical Development of a Child.

Kyrylova O., Kyrylova Y. Psychological Characteristics of Boys with Delayed Puberty and System of Their Psychological Support.

Akhnazaryants E.L., Bessonova I.N., Bogmat L.F., Nikonova V.V., Nosova E.M. Value of Monitoring of Physical Development in the Presence of Arterial Hypertension.