issn: 2641-9823
Issue #4(10), 2020

Journal Sections:
Andrusiv U. Ya., Galtsova O. L., Safonov Yu. M. The Impact of Modern Management Models on the Effectiveness of the Social Component of Sustainable Development: Evidence from Ukraine.

Galtsova O. L., Solovyov O., Safonov Yu. M., Shmygol N.M. Analysis of the Factors of the State Competitiveness on the Basis of Industrial Economic Development Indicators.

Berezhna T., Zavalevskyi Yu. Pedagogical Skills as a Necessary Component of Teachers Professional Competence

Bashuk, Borshch V. I., Safonov Yu. M. Intellectualization of Health Care: Overviewing Intellectual and Informational Technologies in the Healthcare Sector.

Kulakovska T. Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, EU Countries, Canada and Russia: Comparative Analysis, Problems, and Prospective Directions.

Filippova S.V., Lingur L.M. Definition of the Business Corporate Social Responsibility Concept in the Context of Economy Digitalization.