issn: 2641-9823
Issue #1(7), 2020

Journal Sections:
Syomych M. Decentralization of Power: A Model for Ukraine.

Ladonko L.S., Mykhailovska O.V., Safonov Yu.M. Relevant Issues of Change Management in the Context of Decentralization of Power in Ukraine.

Uhryn L. National Identity under Conditions of Multiculturalism of Modern Societies.

Morshchavka Yu. Innovations in Human Capital Management.

Kostovyat H.I., Serzhanov V.V. Foreign Exchange Market Analysis in Ukraine.

Zos-Kior M., Markina I. Environmental Efficiency of Land Resources Management as the Basis of Sustainable Development.

Zavalevskyi Yu. Theoretical Analysis of the Professional Formation of Teachers.

Berezhna T., Zavalevskyi Yu. The Essence and Specificity of Innovative Activity of a Teacher.