issn: 2641-9823
Issue #1(15), 2022

Journal Sections:
Holovchenko O. Methodical Support of Modeling of Determinants of State Institutional Regulation of Open Economy.

Gutkevych S., Zanozovska O. Prospects of Investment Strategy in Agriculture.

Bazhenkov Ie. Functioning Process Model and Strategic Management in the Educational Sector.

Bazhenkov Ie., Berezhna T. Aspects of Health Care Activities of Primary School Teachers in the Implementation of the Ideas of the “New Ukrainian School”.

Safonova I. Preventive Activity of a Future Teacher as a Paradigm of Professional Growth.

Kolomoietz H.A., Rebryna A.A., Rebryna A.A., Rabiichuk S.O. Formation of Sports (Professional) – Applied Self-Determination of a Healthy Lifestyle of Youth with Special Needs.

Safonov Yu. Conceptualism of the Publishing Industry.